Director’s Statement – Busy Bee Academy

Dear All,


CONGRATULATIONS to all our students who have participated in the Busy Bee Academy English Courses this year.
Our last trimestre has left an indelible impression in the hearts, minds and spirits of our motivated and enthusiastic students and teachers.
Our students have picked up some invaluable methods and strategies that they will cherish forever and use to further develop their English language aqcuisition.
We have always looked beyond some of the constraints of a school/academic education and have focused on incorporating skills that prompt our students to think, enquire, explore, learn actively and meaningfully.
Our syllabus has been designed to provide fodder to growing minds, whilst allowing freedom of expression and giving each one of our students the ability to discover casino francais en ligne their inherent creativity and believe in their capabilities.  It has been heartwarming to see their exceptional progress these past few months.  But there is still a lot to learn and experience.
This coming September we aspire to show our students a world beyond their experiences.  We owe it to you for entrusting us with your language development and supporting us in every possible way.
Thank you! We look foward to working with you in the new term.
Busy Bee Academy