Director's Statement – Happy Summer!

Dear All,


In Busy Bee Academy we believe that the acquisition of a second language  needs continual development and influence.  In order for our students to be able to reach bilingualism they’ll need to fill their lives and thoughts with both languages.  This process is accelerated if it isn’t interrupted.
The ‘Busy Bee Summer Course’ has been designed to fill this need.  During this course our students have been able to ‘eat, breath and sleep’ English.  We’ve had the pleasure to introduce some new learning techniques to our students that will aid them in their language acquisition journey.  We have been able to demonstrate the uses of English ‘out of the classroom’ and apply what they have learnt in ‘real life’ situations.
Our summer students are now equipped to deal with language learning in a confident manner.
It has been a true pleasure working, playing and singing alongside you!  Continue enjoying your SUMMER OF FUN!
Busy Bee Academy